About us

The Revolution will not be televised.  The Revolution will be on Demand 


Changing the way we view Black Culture
Pivot TV is a subscription Video on Demand Service that showcases content from the black british perspective.

Content such as films, documentaries, dramas, talks shows, web series, education and more.  

Explore a whole new world of media developed and curated from the Black British perspective. 
Discover content you wouldn’t normally find easily in one place.

Entertainment – Catch your favourite celebrities in programs that really wanted to make

Education- learn about black history and the great eras of civilisation, be empowered by mastermind courses in subjects ranging from finance, Health, Business and nutrition.

News – Focused on news from the community that matters to you

Live events – From the awards shows to live DJ sets Pivot Live gives you a chance to immerse yourself into major events across the world.

Pivot TV Loves our content creators and offers a revenue share system with our contributors so they can continue to make high quality programs

We also create our own content having already commissioned the decolonized kitchen will be looking at more Pivot originals coming up including documentaries on some of the most influential people in the UK.